WD to give intense rains over Middle East, Central Asia, scattered showers in Jammu Kashmir

WD to give intense rains over Middle East, Central Asia, scattered showers in Jammu Kashmir

06:28 PM

rain in UAE

The Middle East includes the Western Asian region of Israel, UAE, Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, and Yemen.

Just like the Indian subcontinent, the month of March is a transition month for the Middle East region as well. These areas are under the influence of WDs and Pre-Monsoon in the month March. Because of the proximity of these areas Mediterranean Sea, Caspian Sea and black sea, Western Disturbances have an effect over these areas.

Meanwhile, southern region has African deserts as well as Saudi Arabia which cause Pre Monsoon activity inclusive of dust storm and sand storm.

For instance, last weekend, UAE saw unstable weather, causing good rains, hailstorm giving an appearance of thick sheet of ice over the region. Subsequently, Monday onward, Dust storm and thunderstorm was observed over the region.

Presently, a system is at present over the Middle East with clouding over a larger area, inclusive of thunderstorm cells as well as rains. These systems usually track northeastwards, therefore, the system will shift to Central Asia, which includes Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan as well as Afghanistan. Thus, intense weather activity will last for two days around March 27 and 28 over the Central Asian region.

The trail of the system will also affect the Jammu and Kashmir region, around March 28 and 29 resulting in scattered rains over these parts.

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