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गोपालगंज , भारत हवामान

भारताची उपग्रह प्रतिमा आणि हवामानाची स्थिति April 26, 2017
Latest INSAT satellite Image of India for 26 April 2017
भारताची उपग्रह प्रतिमा आणि हवामानाची स्थिति April 26, 2017

Dust storm in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan; Rain in Kerala, TN
ट्विटर वर हवामान
LATEST UPDATE #RCBvSRH : Game chances do look bleak as #rain gets heavier. #IPL2017 #IPL
Tuesday, April 25 22:41Reply
Tuesday, April 25 22:12Reply
The possibility of a five over game cannot be ruled out as #rain may stop in around an hour. #RCBvSRH #Bengaluru
Tuesday, April 25 22:07Reply
Chinnaswamy Stadium may see some respite from #rain in the next one hour. #RCBvSRH #IPL #Bengaluru #bangalore #RCB
Tuesday, April 25 22:02Reply
RT @abhishek03_11: It's raining in delhi😍😍but dry days ahead!!!! @SkymetWeather
Tuesday, April 25 22:02Reply
Heavy #lightning & thunder along with rains reported in #Noida & parts of South & Central #Delhi:
Tuesday, April 25 22:01Reply
[#Hindi] #दिल्ली, चंडीगढ़, गुरुदासपुर, जयपुर में आँधी के साथ गर्जना के आसार:
Tuesday, April 25 22:00Reply
RT @punj_pradeep: @SkymetWeather it is raining in Khan Market. ☔.
Tuesday, April 25 21:58Reply
@anujmittal_ Yes, parts of #Delhi are already receiving rains
Tuesday, April 25 21:57Reply
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