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5 simple ways to make you winter ready

January 22, 2022 1:10 PM |

winter care

The enchanting season of winter signifies a blanket of snow over mountains, foggy cover over plains, flora, and fauna ornamented with white pearls and everything in the environment looking just in place. While the environment looks happening with freshness all around, we humans too wear our best winter outfits to complement nature. We go out and shop from best collections, apply layers of moisturizer, put on best lip balms to protect them from getting chapped, use winter shampoos and what not all we do to look best.

While we put our hearts and souls in taking care of outer beauty during winters, what we completely ignore is pampering our inner beauty too. It is very important to keep our immune system strong to battle bacteria causing seasonal diseases so that we don’t miss out on anything this winters.

Here are 5 simple ways to make you winter ready 

1. Drink more and more water

Couple staying hydrated

Image Credits- Life leisure blog

Do you wonder why your favorite celebrity’s skin glows during winter and why not yours? The reason is less consumption of water. Drinking more water reduces the risk of dehydration during winters. During winters, the weather becomes cold and dry. Thus, the evaporation of sweat occurs at a faster pace and that is why you feel dehydrated. So, drink bottles and bottles of water to look no less than a celebrity.

2. Take proper sleep

proper sleep

Image credits-  Firstbeat

Winters are all about not wanting to wake up early. However, there are many of us who don’t understand the importance of proper sleep. In fact, India ranks in terms of people suffering from insomnia. Taking proper sleep paves a great way of improving the immune system. You will feel more active and ready to battle bacteria causing infection.

3. Keep your hands clean

wash hands

Image Credits- USA today

The major reason why people fall sick more often during winters is that they don’t wash their hands before having their meals. During winters, bacteria causing infection grips your body. If your friend is having cold and cough and you come in contact with him/her such as by shaking hands, giving a high five, eating from the same lunch, the bacteria commutes from your friend’s body to yours. Thus, wash your hand after coming home every time and before every meal.

4. Say no to wrong medicines 


Image Credits- Net doctor

Taking the wrong medicine is the worst mistake we all do. If you feel like you are falling sick, make sure you don’t consume the wrong medicines as doing this would increase the chances of falling sick even more. Consult a doctor and take a proper antibiotic course to get cured quickly and not miss out on anything this winters.

5. Staying indoor is happening too


Image Credit- Youworkforthem

Winter is all about enjoying your favorite coffee, playing your favorite indoor game and spending time with your loved ones. Staying indoors could be happening too if you make it right. Also staying indoors reduces the risk of bacteria causing infection as you come less in contact with air pollutants.

Image credits-  Procaffenation

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