7 reasons why winter is the best time to save money

December 5, 2019 6:00 PM |

Winter saving

A heavy wallet triggers a wide smile whereas a lighter wallet makes you slop around with a heavy heart. Seasons make their own little contribution when it comes to money management. But somehow, at the end of the month, we all end up with a financially 'heavy heart' with heaps of promises aimed at saving more. Well, winter is perhaps the most 'economical' season of the year.

Here we discuss some of the ways in which winter helps you save on your beloved moolah without curbing your winter experience.

Powerless is Powerful

The chill, along with the blanket of fog sprayed in the air, signals the arrival of winter. The air-conditioning is not required and the air coolers are packed.  The outgoing new-you prefers to explore different avenues rather than becoming a television freak. Nobody can deny it and everybody enjoys it! Winters bring down power consumption thereby reducing electricity bills.

Your laundry bag is not stuffed anymore!

Winter clothing requires minimal washing & maintenance. The pullovers, the cardigans, the fancy jackets, and the thermal inner-wears, all go a long way in just one wash. Also, if you're doing your own laundry, you simply don't want to rinse & wash heavy fabrics out of justified tiredness. You come to the realization that dirt marks are bearable and white shouldn't always have to be dove white.

Street Food To The Rescue

The scorching summer heat pushes the best of us inside fancy restaurants which have proper air-conditioning and cold refreshing drinks. A street-side tea vendor catches your eye faster than that famous fast-food joint. Street food becomes an instant hit during winters as people tend to enjoy outdoors even more. Moreover, the food is economically priced, diverse, and widely available.

Fuel Saving Mode

While excessive heat and rainy conditions aren't really fit for a comfortable bike ride, the pleasant weather during winter makes you shuck your car keys and put on your helmet. Not only this, even if you are too particular about your four-wheeler, you don't need the air-conditioning during winters. Be it a freeway or a paralyzed traffic jam, you really don't care because nature's air-conditioning remains unmatched till date. Steer away, ride like the wind!

Parlour Attendance

Natural beauty blooms during winter. A simple face wash with a dab of cold cream is enough during most days. Also, the frequency of waxing sessions is reduced as you usually keep your body covered during winter. Even guys tend to go for long hairstyles during winter and 'No Shave November' does a bit to cut salon costs.

Cost-Effective Shopping

The clothes we buy during winter are more durable than clothes purchased during summer. Firstly, the heavy fabric is more resistant to wear & tear. Secondly, a lesser number of washes keep the fabric in a good condition thereby extending its life. Lastly, the idea of covering yourself in a jacket or overcoat during winter allows you to wear the same tee or cardigan underneath.

Save Water, Save Money

Water bills may not be troubling you that much but one must remember that money saved is money earned! The summer season gives birth to countless shower singers. A relaxing cold water bath is prioritized by everyone during the summer. But as the temperatures take a dip, the shower singer within us goes into hibernation mode. Once you've attained the perfect mixture of hot & cold water, your only wish is to take a quick bath and escape into the warmth of your blanket. You tend to use a sanitizer instead of walking all the way to the bathroom in order to wash your hands.

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