90% of mankind to get destroyed by climate change, warns BNCCR

June 8, 2019 12:48 PM |

Climate Change and Global Warming

A report released on World Environment Day stated that major cities like Mumbai, Florida, and Shanghai will be degraded to swamps, thus destroying 90% of mankind.

According to Australia’s Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration, “We just have another 31 years, before 90% of mankind is destroyed by climate change.” BNCCR is working towards informing climate emergency in Australia.

One must not forget the deadly situation which we are going to face. Greenhouse gase emissions in the atmosphere have increased and the Earth has become more warmer. Approximately eight billion people live on this planet, who need to bear the suffering.

Another study suggests, we are heading towards a critical situation. Temperatures are increasing at a much faster pace. Even the Paris Agreement that aimed at restricting temperature rise to 3-5°C, has miserably failed.

“That’s enough for disaster. 3°C of warming already carries a potential risk for disaster,” says the BNCCR. Mumbai, Shanghai and other major cities are at risk.

If the temperatures rise by 3 degree Celsius, sea levels are expected to rise by 0.5 m endangering coastal areas in the world. If this happens, most areas of Bangladesh and Florida would submerge, while coastal areas including Shanghai, Lagos, Mumbai would be swamped.

If the temperatures rise above 3 degree Celsius, the effect would be worst than ever. That would mean no more polar ice sheet to reflect the sun’s rays and heat. Arctic permafrost will defrost quickly. More methane would be released in the atmosphere, thus making the Earth hotter than ever imagined. About 80 to 90% population will be at stake.

‘If no serious action is taken, by the year 2050, almost 1 billion people will have to relocate, particularly, from West Africa and the Middle East as the climatic conditions would make these places unfit for living. Climate Change will not spare the other parts too! Several parts of the world will have to reel under record- breaking heat wave conditions and wildfires. Year by year, flooding and hurricanes will intensify”, says the BNCCR.

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