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Highest temperatures in Rajasthan: Solar energy in plenty

October 16, 2012 11:50 AM |

New Delhi, The need of the hour is to generate sustainable power for the increasing population of our country. But this must be done, keeping in mind that the future generations are not made to compromise on the resources available. Renewable energy is the best option that has proved to be highly beneficial in the long run.

As the current weather over most parts of India will be dry, with slight rain in few parts Punjab and J&K, Rajasthan and Gujarat will continue to remain the hottest part of the country in the approaching weeks. This might not be the most pleasant news for travelers from India and all across the globe who had planned to visit the city of colors during Mid-October or October end but it will be quite favorable for the production of much needed and these days most preferred, Solar Energy.

Rajasthan lies in one of the hottest and sunniest part of India and has two critical resources that are critical for Solar Power: high level of solar radiation per square inch and large amounts of flat undeveloped land for industrial use. This is an ideal condition for a tremendous production. The government in the recent years has therefore launched a Solar Policy (setting up of Solar Power Plants of 1000MW each under the National Solar Mission, NSM) for the same. This would not only help in achieving grid parity but would also generate employment in the solar and allied industries. In the coming years, Rajasthan has the potential to become the national leader in Solar Energy.

The effects and benefits of this are now being recognized by everyone. So much so that most of us are considering of setting up our own small solar panels at home. However the steep initial cost can be a major deterrent for many and a debate that can be never ending but the benefits could be seen in a couple of years as it can help save money and our precious planet Earth.

This clean, nature friendly energy, void of any smoke or green gases could slash your bills up to 20%, not just in the heat of summers, when life without air conditioners is impossible, but also in the chilly winters when you tend to consume more power with the use of geysers, heaters, blowers, etc. But the best part is yet to come, this abundant source of energy, barring its initial cost, is absolutely free and available in plenty and readily accessible at all times. Though gradually as the demand grows, the installation charges for the solar set up will also become much more affordable making it easier to produce more by spending less.

Therefore sunny days ahead could make our futures sunnier!

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