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Rains to reduce across India, August to begin with weak Monsoon conditions
July 22, 2017
Patna, Ranchi, Lucknow, Gorakhpur to witness good M..
Many parts of East India have been witnessing a few good spells of Monsoon rains during the past..
Good Monsoon rains in June encourage farmers to boo..
Cotton planting in the country has doubled in terms of area compared to the same time last year. Ove..
[Hindi] मराठवाड़ा में सामान्य से अधिक बारिश; फिर भी ..
महाराष्ट्र के मराठवाड़ा क्षेत्र में खरीफ की लगभग 84 प्रतिशत खेती मॉनसून पर निर्भर है। मराठवाड़ा में बी..
[Hindi] जून में उम्मीदों पर खरा उतरा मॉनसून; खरीफ ब..
स्काइमेट के अनुमानों के अनुसार जून में मॉनसून का प्रदर्शन अच्छा रहा है। केरल में समय से पहले पहुंचा ..
[Hindi] बिहार के कई हिस्सों में पहुंचा मॉनसून; जल्द..
मॉनसून के पहले की बारिश से बिहार के मुज़फ़्फ़रपुर, समस्तीपुर, गया और औरंगाबाद जैसे उत्तरी और पूर्वी जिल..
Kharif crop sowing in Andhra Pradesh down by 25 per..
As the Kharif season has kick started in the country, sowing has also started in Andhra Pradesh. So ..
What Monsoon 2017 has in store for Agriculture in G..
As per the analysis of historical data, whenever Monsoon is between 90%-100%, around 61% district of..
Cotton sowing in full swing in Haryana as pre-Monso..
Planting of Kharif crops have begun with the pre-Monsoon showers picking up pace across India. E..
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Satellite Image

Satellite image of india and weather conditions July 22, 2017
Latest INSAT satellite Image of India for 22 July 2017
Satellite image of india and weather conditions July 22, 2017
Latest METEOSAT satellite Image of India for 22 July 2017
15 days rainfall forecast
15 Days Rainfall forecast for india
Weather on Twitter
Saturday, July 22 22:01Reply
Rains are likely to reduce across #India, weak #Monsoon condition to prevail in #Monsoon2017 @toi @htTweets
Saturday, July 22 21:31Reply
Light to moderate #rain to continue over Dharamshala, #Manali, Shimla #Dehradun, #Mussoorie, @Nainital_Tour #Monsoon
Saturday, July 22 21:00Reply
Saturday, July 22 20:31Reply
Diamond Harbour recorded a three-digit #rainfall to the tune of 134.7 #Kolkata #Monsoon @TOIKolkata
Saturday, July 22 20:15Reply
23 जुलाई के लिए मौसम पूर्वानुमान: पटना, रांची, कोलकाता, लखनऊ में अच्छी बारिश #Rains #Patna #Kolkata
Saturday, July 22 19:30Reply
#Monsoon Forecast for Jul 23, 2017: Heavy Monsoon #Rains in #Mumbai #Gujarat #Rajasthan
Saturday, July 22 19:00Reply
Saturday, July 22 18:30Reply
23 जुलाई मॉनसून पूर्वानुमान: उत्तर प्रदेश मध्य प्रदेश बिहार गुजरात में अच्छी वर्षा #Monsoon2017
Saturday, July 22 18:00Reply
#Monsoon rains to reduce over #Karnataka and #Kerala; Konkan and #Goa to get good @htTweets @KeralaTourism
Saturday, July 22 17:30Reply
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