6 Must Visit Weekend Getaways Around Delhi During Monsoon

June 17, 2015 11:00 AM |

Weekend getaways around Delhi While nothing can beat the joy and comfort of staying at home during Monsoon, travel freaks are always looking for a reason to backpack their way towards greener pastures. Delhiites simply love the idea of traveling and Monsoon is simply perfect for a short or long trip over the weekend. We’ve already talked about lesser known getaways around Delhi. But this article mentions a mix of off-beat and popular weekend getaways close to Delhi which should be on your list this Monsoon. So go ahead and plan a trip to one of these locations. Why? Simply to lay back and enjoy Monsoon, away from home.


Weekend getaways around Delhi

To take a break from the sticky Delhi weather, you can visit the beautiful hill station Barog. Located in the Solan district, Barog is an off-beat weekend getaway located at a distance of about 300 km away from Delhi. Enjoy the lush green surroundings along with the perfect natural backdrop. You will surely want to visit Barog more than once.


Weekend getaways around Delhi

The land of unspoiled natural beauty, forest walks, and endless trails, Kasauli is a small town located just about 300 km from Delhi. This is one of the best places to visit during the weekend if you’re searching for peace and serenity. You may not find too many shopping options here, but Solan (comparatively a livelier shopping hub) is not too far away. Let nature take over, while you simply sit back and leave all your worries behind.


Weekend getaways around Delhi

Located in Rajasthan, Bharatpur is a popular weekend getaway among Delhiites. The earthy smells and the pleasant climate is an added attraction when visiting Bharatpur. While you are there, make sure you do not miss visiting the Bharatpur bird sanctuary.  A peaceful location in every way, Bharatpur is a quiet setting which you must visit this Monsoon.


Weekend getaways around Delhi

If you think that Bhimtal is just another hill station, you’re totally mistaken. Lush green forests, variety of flora and fauna, colorful stone houses, and a beautiful English Church.  The best part about Bhimtal is that it isn’t too crowded. As a ‘getaway’ traveler, you will be happy to see less people. Enjoy the Monsoon mist and get soaked in Bhimtal as you hike towards Panna Tal.


Weekend getaways around Delhi

Another popular weekend getaway during Monsoon is Nahan. If you wish to take a break from the usual city chaos, Nahan is the place you must visit. Picturesque landscapes, scenic beauty, and a tranquil setting, you must visit Nahan to enjoy nature at its best. Situated at a distance of about 235 kms from Delhi, Nahan has good road connectivity.


Weekend getaways around Delhi

Situated in Uttarakhand, Dhanachuli is a must visit location during Monsoon. Watch the raindrops fall from the stoned house, enjoy the picturesque Hiamlayan sunsets, and sit at the apple orchards enjoying the tranquility and serenity of Dhanachuli during Monsoon.  Don’t forget your camera and be sure to capture nature at its best.

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