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Places to see in India during the Monsoon season

September 21, 2023 9:00 AM |

best Monsoon travel destinations best Monsoon travel destinations

These are some of the reasons most people avoid travelling pre and during the monsoon season in India. During the monsoon season, many places can experience heavy rainfall, unbearable humidity levels, and an increased risk of landslides. On the other hand, the pre-monsoon season brings lightning storms, strong winds, and widespread dust storms.

But, still, many places are wonderful to visit, especially in the rainy season. You will have a chance to see everything from lush green forests, flower valleys, and strawberry fields. In our list, you will read about 4 amazing and sometimes overlooked destinations in India, from the sandy beaches of Goa to the green valley in Uttarakhand.

Perfect Beaches of Goa

Goa is a popular coastal state on the west coast in Indian famous for its beaches, party scene, and casinos. The monsoon season isn’t so harsh here like in other parts of the country and you will find special tranquility that isn’t normally present during the peak season from November to February.

The state is famous for its luxurious beach resorts like The Zuri White Sands, Goa Resort & Casino, the Marriott Hotel and Cozy Woods Hill Resort.

For people that want to experience gambling in a traditional casino, there are many casinos to choose from like the Neo Majestic, The Chances Resort and Casino, and the Casino Carnival among others.

But, if you’re looking to have a relaxing vacation you can always play various casino games on online casino sites like for instance, in your hotel room.

Speaking of hotel rooms, when you’re visiting Goa off-season you’ll be able to find many travel deals and cheaper prices in the resorts as well as in the boutique hotels. While you’re in Goa make sure to visit the beaches, go sightseeing around the town and visit the main attraction - the 2,000-foot-high Dudhsagar Waterfalls in the eastern part of the state. You just need to be careful as the track can be slippery!

Tea Plantations in Munnar

This destination is located in the Western Ghats Mountains, the main tea cultivation region in India. During Monsoon season everything is green and covered in mist, and apparently, this is one of the reasons the region is famous as a honeymoon destination.

For people that love spending time in the outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, camping or even enjoying a boat ride on the Kundala Lake. If you decide to go hiking the most popular trail is 20 miles long from Munnar to the Kurangani Hills. There are also options to book a guided tour, learn more about the production of tea or spend your trip camping in Kurangani Hills.

Mount Abu in Rajasthan

In Mount Abu Rajasthan you will experience almost always pleasant weather and clear skies even during the monsoon season. You can stay in the Palace Hotel, which is a high-end establishment for a few days and enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains surrounding the region.

For everyone that loves temples, here you will find the historically important Dilwara Temples with impeccable architecture. If you want to spend some time hiking there are a lot of amazing trails while Nakki Lake is a popular boating spot.

Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand

Many describe this place as heaven on Earth. This is a national park located in the Uttarkhand’s Chamoli district which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The entire gorge over the Pushpawati River blooms with endemic alpine flowers during the Monsoon season. Here you will see rare animals that only live in this region and breathtaking natural sights. It’s a memorable destination that is definitely worth the hike of 11 miles from the village Govindghat to the nearest town Joshimath.

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