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6 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Traveling During Monsoon

September 21, 2023 9:00 AM |

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Traveling During Monsoon

As a traveler, pleasant weather conditions are a pre-requisite.  Monsoon is one season which keeps temperatures under check and an occasional shower or two further enhances the experience. It's never too cold or too hot. There are just so many things to expect during monsoon. One can name several fun things to do during monsoon which make the season a favorite among all age-groups.

But there are a few things which trouble us during monsoon. We all hate monsoon allergies and health tips for the season must be taken seriously. Also, as a traveler, you have to be careful while wandering around during monsoon. A little carelessness can spoil the experience for you. We bring you six common mistakes which you must avoid while traveling during monsoon.

Keeping everything waterproof

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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Traveling During MonsoonEverything means everything! To begin with, you should carry water-proof travel bags which will protect your belongings as it starts to pour. Even your backpack should be water-proof. Moreover, if you don’t mind, a rain coat is a full proof solution to monsoon rains. Don’t forget to cover the edges or else water will seep through.

Carry polybags

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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Traveling During MonsoonAs an environmentalist, polybags are a big no. But keeping a couple of polybags with you while traveling during monsoon isn’t a bad idea at all. Polybags can be really handy as and when it begins to rain. You can put your cash, cards, and other paperwork inside polybags. Also, wet clothes are hard to dry if there’s no sunlight. You can keep your wet and damp clothes inside a polybag so that they don’t mix with the dry clothes in your bag.

Wear slippers and sports shoes

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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Traveling During MonsoonThe first choice should be proper sports shoes and you can wear them without socks. But other than that, slippers and bellies will do you good. These are monsoon-friendly footwear which help you cross waterlogged areas with ease. But be careful, they’re a bit slippery and will kick back a lot of dirt.

Don’t eat everything

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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Traveling During MonsoonEvery time it starts to rain, your tummy starts to rumble. Moreover, while traveling, you don’t have the safer option of preparing rainy day foods at home. So you end up looking at food stalls and restaurants. But don’t eat everything and just anything. One must adhere to certain health tips during monsoon or else face the consequences. The last thing you want is an upset stomach while you’re ‘on tour’.

Waterproof your gadgets

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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Traveling During MonsoonTraveling without gadgets is an experience of its own. But most travelers make it a point to carry all their gadgets with them whenever they travel. Your smartphones, mp3 players, DSLRs, and laptops need protection during monsoon. The urge to share a photograph on some social media platform must not supersede the urge to waterproof your gadgets first. Even excessive moisture in the air is dangerous for your gadgets.

Check local weather forecast

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Traveling During MonsoonAs a weather conscious person, you cannot go wrong with this. Weather affects your lifestyle and you cannot deny it. So be smart and think weather-wise while traveling. You can use weather apps to stay updated on local weather conditions and forecast for a region. This keeps you informed and updated on present weather conditions and thus allows you to plan your trip or outing hassle-free. To begin with, try the Skymet Weather App today.

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