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Monsoon Mayhem: Battling the Season of Allergies

September 21, 2023 9:00 AM |

Monsoon Allergies

The Monsoon season is nothing short of a blessing in disguise as it helps us escape from the scorching heat of the summer every year.  But a little carelessness can leave you with an infection, an allergy, or problems with digestion.

Every year, doctors report a significant rise in patients with allergies and other problems during the Monsoon. One has to tread carefully during Monsoon as it is widely known as the ‘season of allergies’.

Allergies tend to get aggressive once it starts to rain. These are mostly pollen allergies. But the days preceding the Monsoon season also contribute towards allergies. For example, dust storms are a common sight in the pre-Monsoon period in most parts of the country. This leads to a lot of dust accumulation in urban as well as rural areas.  People inhale dust particles on a consistent basis and that aggravates their allergic condition.

But it’s not just allergies which cause problems for everyone during Southwest Monsoon. There are several skin and eye infections which can crop up during the rainy season. A lot of people catch the infamous conjunctivitis during Monsoon while others struggle with rashes and itching. Moist conditions, wet clothes, and other factors also contribute to the spread of infections during Monsoon.

Lastly, indigestion and other stomach problems rise sharply during Monsoon. People who eat outside and drink fresh fruit juices off roadside stalls are at a greater risk. Even raw salads sold outside are not considered fit for consumption during Monsoon. Diarrhea, typhoid, and cholera are just some of the common problems experienced by the populace during Monsoon. Humidity levels are generally on the higher side during Monsoon and hence the body’s capacity to digest food is somewhat compromised.

But there are a few simple steps which can be followed to battle the season of allergies. Doctors advise that drinking boiled water and avoiding outside food is the most important precaution during Monsoon. Additionally, consuming fresh fruits and maintaining a proper diet is also essential. Fried and oily food must also be avoided. Lastly, washing hands before every meal is highly recommended and can keep you away from most infections.

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