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Moderation – the key for a happy and healthier Monsoon

July 16, 2022 8:00 AM |

Monsoon is almost here. Why so? As the digestion during Monsoon tends to go slow. Even though Monsoon rains are a welcoming change, they also play host to a number of water-borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, cough and flu. However, besides avoiding the puddles, here are some tips to survive the Monsoon season in India and enjoy a healthier Monsoon.

Avoid oily food

avoid oily food

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Deep fried foods are very hard to digest as it contains too much of oil. During rainy season, either one should completely avoid or take oil in a required amount.

Consume cooked instead raw

cooked vegetables

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Most of the diseases or illnesses caused during monsoon are because of the consumption of raw foods and vegetables. The rain water causes the growth of certain germs on these fruits and vegetables and most importantly, these germs are not still killed even if the fruits and vegetables are being washed thoroughly. So the pertinent thing to do during Monsoon season is to have cooked food instead of raw food.  Also, you can soak the leafy greens in vinegar solution, as vinegar is considered to be the best cleaning agent. It kills 99% of the bacteria.

Fruits and vegetables best to eat

monsoon fruits and vegetables

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Vegetables that are best during this period; bitter gourd, karela, bindi, tori. Avoid cauliflower completely as it has the tendency of containing worms and dirt.  Fruits that are most recommended are bananas, best for digestion and strawberries, pomegranates.

Be vegetarian

vegetarian diet


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People are advised to stick to vegetarian diets for a balanced health. As non-vegetarian foods, especially red meat, seafood and fish are very difficult to digest. But if one is very fond of non-veg then he/she can have it forms like soups and stews than heavy curries.

Spice  it up


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In order to enhance your digestion, one can consume spices  like garlic, pepper, ginger, turmeric, coriander and jeera; as these will enhance the body digestive power and improve immunity.




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To stay fit and healthy during the Monsoon season, go for cereals and food items  including oats, brown rice, boiled sprouts, chickpea and  barley. Not only will you stay healthy, but it will also aid in digestion.

Beverages that can be of help

mint tea


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Warm beverages are more recommended during rainy season to help in digestion such as mint tea, ginger tea, lemon tea.

An open secret to staying healthy and avoiding common indigestion lies in moderate meals, consumed after every two hours. Regular water intake and other forms of liquids like juices, coconut water or green tea will also help in flushing toxins out of one's body. Eating only when hungry is also one step of moderation that ensures healthy living during Monsoon.



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