Five popular Monsoon health myths busted

Five popular Monsoon health myths busted

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Five popular Monsoon myths busted

When Monsoon makes an entrance into our cities, it also brings along with it various health problems and diseases. With various difficulties, the Monsoon myths also tag along. While some of us may end up believing them, the rest of us try to reason them out. We bring you five such Monsoon myths which you must not believe at all.

Catching a Cold after you get wet

Five popular Monsoon myths busted

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Well, you do end up catching a cold but not because you were drenched. You fall sick because of the sudden change in the temperatures after it rains. When a cold day makes a grand entry after a series of hot and humid days, your body tends to react and the handkerchief becomes your best friend. Don't blame it on the rain though, blame the cold air.

No Sea Food during Monsoon

Five popular Monsoon myths busted


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Well, if you have been asked to strictly avoid sea food during Monsoon it is because fresh sea food is not readily available during Monsoon. Eating frozen sea food which has not been stored well and is unhygienic may result in various problems. However, if fresh sea food is readily available do not stop yourself from eating it.

Chicken Soup Helps You Recover

Five popular Monsoon myths busted

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Well chicken soup does not possess magical properties as such. In fact, any hot soup consumed while you are suffering from cold helps in speeding up the recovery process. Not only does hot soup soothe a sore throat, but it also reduces inflammation, helping you recover faster. So, be it chicken or any other soup, if it is hot and home-made, it is good for your body and will definitely speed up your recovery.

Eating Curd during Monsoon causes illness

Five popular Monsoon myths busted

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During Monsoon, it is generally advised to avoid foods that are cold in nature. Similarly, it is believed that eating curd during Monsoon may make you really sick. However, curd has good bacteria which in turn improves the digestive system and helps in soothing the stomach during infections. Thus, don’t restrain yourself from eating the good old curd.

Eating an Ice-cream during Monsoon Makes you Sick

Five popular Monsoon myths busted

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We all scream for ice cream be it any time of the year, however, during Monsoon we are asked to curb those cravings. However, eating an ice cream doesn't really make you sick. In fact, ice creams usually go under the process of pasteurization which does not let illness causing bacteria form. If you are cautious enough and eat ice creams from hygienic places, it is completely alright to indulge in these sweet nothings.

This Monsoon, get soaked in the rain, enjoy an ice cream while taking a look at the cloudy sky.

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