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Treating acne with care this Monsoon

July 16, 2022 9:00 AM |


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What if you get up early in the morning and see an acne on your face right there on your cheek or on your forehead? A nightmare, isn’t it? How would you feel if you see those pimples getting vanished with a blink of an eye? Now that’s a dream. Monsoon is indeed a season that leads to oily skin which further causes pimples, acne and skin blemishes.

In fact, acne gets worse during Monsoon if proper hygiene and care is not maintained. Here are a few easy steps to treat acne during rainy season:


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Keep your hands off: Now that’s a general rule. Acne spreads or worsen if you touch them more. So it’s better to keep your hands away from those zits.


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Regular steam does wonder: Steam does wonder if taken regularly since it open up your skin pores that removes blackheads and dirt easily. Hence it is better if you take steam regularly.


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Neem has medicinal properties: Grind fresh neem leaves to make a fine paste and then add a pinch of turmeric and multani mitti if you want. Apply this face mask and see your pimples vanishing in less time.


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Avoid junk food: It’s not easier than said but is always better to Say a big NO to junk and fried food. Oily food tends to add more oil to your skin thereby landing you in a big trouble both for your skin and body. In fact instead of fast foods, better to add more fruits and green veggies in your plate.


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Cleansing is a must: Make a habit of cleaning your skin at least twice a week. This would open the pores and remove excessive dirt from your face. Use a good quality astringent or a soft cleanser.


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Cinnamon helps in pimples disappear: Cinnamon powder along with besan, helps in clearing your face from angry pimples and acne.


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Potato layer: A thin potato layer of potato will also help you get rid of those stubborn zits and acne. Just place one on your face and feel the difference.

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