Atmospheric CO2 reach alarming levels; records Mauna Loa

Atmospheric CO2 reach alarming levels; records Mauna Loa

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The Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii recorded carbon dioxide levels cross 410 parts per million. CO2 levels haven’t reached this high in millions of years. Such high level of CO2 in atmosphere is something that humanity will have to live with. This level of CO2 will be trapping more heat; causing climate change at a quickening rate.

CO2 levels have been at a record high ever since Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii began recording. The levels stood at 280 ppm when record keeping began in 1958. In 2013, the levels have passed 400 ppm. And post 2013, the 400 ppm level has become a norm.

Gavin Foster is a paleoclimate researcher with University of Southampton, and he has serious concern about the new CO2 level at Mauna Loa. He said, “It’s pretty depressing that it’s only a couple of years since the 400 ppm milestone was toppled. These milestones are just numbers, but they give us an opportunity to pause and take stock and act as useful yard sticks for comparisons to the geological record.”

In the beginning of 2017, Met Office scientists in UK issued their first-ever carbon dioxide forecast. The forecast expected the carbon dioxide levels will reach 410 ppm in April.

All of these impacts will last longer and intensify into the future even if we cut carbon emissions. But we face a choice of just how intense they become based on when we stop polluting the atmosphere.

Right now we’re on track to create a climate unseen in 50 million years by mid-century.

Image Credit: Physq.org

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