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5 false weather beliefs debunked in less than 3 minutes

October 15, 2015 1:40 PM |

When it comes to the complex subject called weather, not all that you hear or read is actually true. Some of these so called weather facts are only known to us because of popular beliefs. Inside Science has come up with an amazing video for debunking these weather myths. For instance, heat lightning is not caused due to heat but it is called so because it is seen from a distant during a thunderstorm. The name heat lightning was given because most thunderstorm occur during the hot summer months.

Did you actually believe that the clouds coming out of planes are actually crazy chemicals? Well, actually the warm air from the engines are chilled by the atmospheric temperature, which produces condensation that us humans see in the form of clouds. The same way we breathe out on a really cold day. Not so crazy right?

Check out more weather myths in the video above and enlighten yourself.

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