Magnetic Pole of Earth drifting at the rate of 15 km every year

Magnetic Pole of Earth drifting at the rate of 15 km every year

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Our planet’s magnetic pole has been drifting so fast in the last one decade that scientists doubt if the past reading and estimates have been accurate enough for precise navigation. According to a study, the magnetic North Pole is drifting with a rate of 15 kilometres a year i.e. 9 miles/year. It has already crossed the International Date Line in 2017 and now is on its way to cross the Canadian Arctic and then Siberia.

This shift of magnetic pole is an emerging issue for all smartphone makers as the device compasses are getting more inaccurate by the day. Not just smartphones, other electronic devices with an inbuilt compass are also being the prey of this shift. According to experts, parachutes, airlines, boats and submarines are getting affected, as they rely on compasses as a backup plan. Big organizations such as NASA, militaries and US Forest Service are at stake due to this unexpectedly fast-paced phenomenon.   GPS, however, will not be affected as it is satellite based.

This phenomenon was first observed in 1831 when the speed of such shift was just 9mph however, after the year 2000 it has changed to 34 mph.

The reason which scientists trace back to this shift is the turbulence in Earth’s outer core. Many are in the belief that it changes like the weather.

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