Heavy Snow, Winds for US as winter storm Jaxon approaches

Heavy Snow, Winds for US as winter storm Jaxon approaches

05:22 PM

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Winter Storm Jaxon will create a swath of substantial, wind-driven snow from the West into parts of the Plains, Upper Midwest, upstate New York and northern New England that could prompt perilous travel conditions into right on time one week from now.

The jet stream pattern is changing from what we've seen of late, taking an articulated crash southward into the West.

Vitality from the storm will then goad the improvement of a strong low-pressure area, an exemplary "Colorado low", which will track over the Plains and Midwest, and then to the Northeast on Sunday by early next week.

Toward the north of that low's track, significant accumulating snow is also expected. By the time, the system reaches the East, some dampness will overwhelm subfreezing air, delivering a blended pack of stormy precipitation in parts of New England and upstate New York.

Light to direct snow showers is moving over the Intermountain West from focal Nevada through Utah and Wyoming into parts of southern Montana.

Winter storm notices have been raised by the National Weather Service from parts of Nevada to focal Wyoming, including the Salt Lake City metro territory. Hazardous driving conditions are normal in the cautioned zones.

Winter climate warnings are likewise in actuality in different parts of the West, including the mountains of southern California, the Mogollon Rim of northern and eastern Arizona, and a great part of the Colorado and Wyoming Rockies west of the Continental Divide. Huge decreases in perceivability and general unsafe driving conditions are conceivable in these zones.

Winter storm watches extend from Wyoming and the high nation of the southern Rockies to Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin, including the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro territory. Slippery driving conditions are conceivable in the not so distant future into right on time one week from now in these regions.

Image Credit:   Kansas.com