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Severe weather across the globe

February 3, 2016 1:08 PM |

CHINA_Snow_in_Nenan_(450_x_274)There are several severe weather activities occurring across the globe. Few of them are: Brisbane heat to end soon, record-breaking warmth expected over Toronto and nearly 100,000 people stranded due to China  snowfall.  Let’s have a look at them.

Showers to end Brisbane heat on Wednesday

In the last three days, Brisbane has been experiencing sweltering conditions and this hot spell will end on Wednesday. This is due to cooler air along with showers hitting the region on Wednesday. Although the temperatures will dip, it will settle close to normal for this time of the year. The maximum temperature will be close to 33°C. The temperature on Tuesday didn’t quite make it to 38°C but, was still a scorcher. Around 26 people had to be taken to the hospital due to heat-related illnesses. A welcome change is expected Wednesday onwards as rain and thunderstorms are expected to occur. This will enable the temperatures to drop close to the normal for this time of the year.

Toronto to experience record-breaking warmth on Wednesday

People in Toronto are in for an exceptionally warm Wednesday. Record breaking warmth will greet the people. A maximum temperature of 14°C is expected on Wednesday. This will break the 25 years old record for the warmest February 3rd. The previous record was set in the 1993 with a maximum temperature of 9.3°C. This warm condition is attributed to a low-pressure system that will move in from the south which will bring southerly winds. This is stark opposite to last year’s February, which was the coldest February ever with the average temperature of -12.6°C.

Snow leaves 1,00,000 people stranded in China

Around 100,000 people were stranded at a train station in southern China. This is because train services were halted due to heavy snowfall. This incident happened at a time when thousands were traveling to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Around 4,000 police officials had to be deployed to control the situation. The snowfall is due to cold air mass over eastern Asia moving into China and its interaction with a pair of upper air disturbances. All this snow occurred over the weekend and then again on Monday. Some areas received around 10 inches of snow. Many roads were also closed due to dangerous conditions.

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