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Sri Lanka to experience moderate rains in the week to come

October 22, 2018 7:55 PM |


Sri Lanka is a small island country extending 350 kilometers from north to south and 200 kilometers from east to west. Despite its small size, Sri Lanka is greatly varied in terms of landscape. Its surrounded by Gulf of Mannar on one side, Bay of Bengal on the other side and Indian Ocean on the southern side. The country experiences four main seasons:

  1. Southwest Monsoon (May-Sep)
  2. Northeast Monsoon (Dec-Feb)
  3. Inter-Monsoon Season between March- April
  4. Inter-Monsoon Season between October- November

Apart from this, Sri Lanka is located near the line of Equator. By virtue of its location, the country is not very diverse seasonally and the weather mainly remains hot and moist throughout the year. Temperatures here do not vary much. Moreover, Sri Lanka does not see any Winter Season. Day temperatures remain in the range of lower 30s irrespective of what month of the year it is. Minimum temperatures remain in the range of 20s. Also, no severe tropical storms visit the country as its located near to the Equator.

In Sri Lanka it rains throughout the year. The South and Southwest regions of the country experience more rains than the North and Eastern parts of the country. Apart from this, the Western regions experience more rains during the South-West Monsoon season. The Eastern half however, experiences rains in the Northeast Monsoon season.

As Northeast Monsoon is about to begin in India, the next few months are going to be rainy for Sri Lanka. Although it has started to rain in the country already. Presently, the Southern half is experiencing more rains than the Northern half.

As a cyclonic circulation is in the vicinity of Sri Lanka, the upcoming week is going to be rainy with moderate showers throughout the country. It may even rain heavily at a few places.

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