UK Weather: Rain, snow, icy conditions in store

UK Weather: Rain, snow, icy conditions in store

05:42 PM

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The United Kingdom is all set to witness snowy and icy weather as arctic wind is lurking off the UK’s shores. Thus, weather warning has been issued for many parts of UK, particularly over Northern Ireland, Scotland and Northern England. According to weathermen, Scotland, parts of Northern Ireland and the far North of England could witness heavy rains which could turn into sleet, hail and snow.

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After a period of wintry weather across the country, Britain may be hit by ferocious winds. Meanwhile, wet and windy weather is expected across the south by tomorrow. Heavy rains will be seen moving from south to the south-east.

For northern parts, even in lower levels, snowfall is expected towards the evening. Rain will be seen across rest of the UK. Across the north, due to freezing weather, risk of icy fronts will be seen. Strong winds bring the potential for temporary blizzard conditions and drifting of lying snow, mainly over high ground. Particularly across western Scotland, rains will be accompanied by hail and lighting at times.

According to other reports, road, railway and ferry services are to be massively affected. Other services like power cuts, mobile phone coverage may also be affected. Large waves may affect the Western Coast due to which beach material may be thrown on the sea front. Also, damage to roads and properties is also a possibility.

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