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Yummy Yogurt: 7 Top Health Benefits

March 9, 2016 12:20 PM |


Yogurt is enriched with bone- building calcium and high protein content. Packed with nutrients, it has health benefits that are multifold in nature which makes yogurt a dairy wonder that one must include in his/her diet daily. See what magic one serving of yogurt can do to your health day after day, every day.

Get fab abs

If you are seriously done with carrying extra baggage of your weight then including yogurt in your diet can be the best bet. Calcium in yogurt prevents fat cells in your body from pumping more hormonal imbalance that is responsible for hypertension, cholesterol and obesity. Yogurt is equally helpful in digestion and absorption of food items. Since the proteins and vitamins in yogurt also strengthens the immune system, it helps in losing weight and not essential elements from the body. So up for yogurt diet, peeps!




Tame the tan

Yogurt contains lactic acid that gently exfoliates the top layers of the epidermis, clears up blemishes and regular use can also reduce wrinkles. Mix it with almond or olive oil and say hello to shiny, silky smooth skin. If mixed with honey and applied, yogurt is good de-taning agent.  Simply erase the sun-kissed tan or apply it for a smoother looking skin, achieved naturally at home.





Homemade hair pack

Got damaged, lifeless hair? Infuse protein into your scalp in no time by adopting a yogurt hair pack. Either it’s about adding shine to your hair, getting rid of frizzy hair or dealing with dandruff, yogurt holds key to all hair related problems. Whisk some to get shiny locks in an instant. Yogurt is the tonic for improving the quality of your hair.






Get stronger bones and teeth

It’s universally known that curd or yogurt is packed abundantly with calcium and phosphorous. Then why not make the best use of it by consuming it daily?  Who would not want stronger bones and teeth to break a few (kidding?). Well, don’t eat yogurt for that goal but to achieve stronger and studier bones to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis problems.






Prevent PMS syndrome

Whenever facing stomach cramps, don’t head for sinful chocolates or salty snacks. Instead, opt for yogurt topped with fresh fruits or exotic toppings for a feel good feeling. Eating calcium enriched food during PMS syndrome is important and yogurt is one wholesome meal.






Lowers blood pressure


The potassium in yogurt has the ability to flush out excess sodium in our body that we accumulate unknowingly by consuming salty snacks or sodium in some form. The proteins, vitamins and potassium in yogurt regulates blood pressure. About 70% of us eat salt beyond the stated level. In short potassium balances out sodium. To keep its ill effect at bay, have protein enriched yogurt regularly.





Post workout food


Blend it with your favourite fruit that can include any of the berries and Voila, you have a fresh smoothie ready in front of you to boost your immune system in a jiffy. It’s the treat in disguise that you have been craving for after a tough workout. Yogurt and fruits contain essential proteins that helps in repairing any damage done during exercising.








So use it as a dip or eat it frozen topped with exotic toppings, let the yummy food item rule your daily diet for a healthier you.



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