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3 Top Automation Ideas for Your Home to Enter in 2022

November 30, 2021 11:00 AM |

Automation Ideas for Your Home

With the proliferation of smart home devices on the market, the concept of home automation is no longer a pipe dream. Despite the abundance of automation devices on the market, only a small number of people decided to take a step forward and improve the level of comfort in their homes. Are you still one of those people who has been fantasizing about it for a long time?

There are many smart houses in today’s world. Their primary functions and characteristics are provided by intelligent automatic systems. The most common of them include:

•  Climate control inside the house;
•  Power management;
•  Security;
•  Video surveillance;
•  Window/door locking.

All of this is accomplished through the use of small mechanisms known as linear actuators, which convert linear movements into a complex system of translational operations that provide daily processes for your convenience. They can be controlled either directly through the management console or remotely (for example, through a smartphone).

The Best Home Automation Ideas To Try in 2022

Along with traditional home automation solutions (for example, programmed lights, security systems, etc.), manufacturers are working on more creative ways to integrate smart devices in spaces such as the bathroom, laundry, basement, and home office. Let’s take a look at the most unusual solutions for your home in 2022!

Laundry Space

Laundry automation is one of the most unusual options for automating home space. Laundry will no longer be a boring and time-consuming task thanks to smart automation systems. While in one of your home’s rooms, you can control the laundry washing and drying processes.
Furthermore, automating this room’s power supply system will save you a significant amount of money and energy. If the room is too small, you can maximize space by installing shelves and niches with extendable dryers and a wall ironing board.

Basement Area

Owners of private residences frequently underestimate the potential of basements and basements. However, with automated control systems, you can transform this space into an interactive hone for family-wide entertainment:

•  Craft studio or workshop;
•  Dining room with chairs that leave automatically and a bar;
•  Game room with built-in multimedia systems;
•  Home gym with voice-operated music, temperature control, and a fully automated shower;
•  Make an ideal home theatre with an automatic sliding screen hidden in a ceiling niche.

Home Office

With the global pandemic and shift to remote work, many people faced the challenge of creating a comfortable workplace in a home office environment. Automation of office space allows you to quickly solve problems, have all of the necessary accessories on hand, and work for hours without becoming tired.

A height-adjustable standing desk is one such helpful automated solutions. It allows you to:

•  Boost overall performance;
•  Reduce fatigue and blood sugar level;
•  Reduce the risk of heart-related issues occurrence;
•  Relieve neck and back pain;
• Shift from sitting to standing within seconds.

As you can see, home automation can be extremely beneficial. It not only makes the home more comfortable to live in, but it also makes it more functional, thanks to devices that can be controlled from anywhere.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.

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