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3D Food Printers: Future Chefs Will 'Print' Food

April 24, 2015 8:52 PM |


As science and technology steers the human race towards a more comfortable future, 3D food printing attracts more eyes than any other innovation. The idea of printing food is totally sci-fi. But ‘the times are a changing’ and scientists are more than keen on bringing this revolutionary technology to the general public.

A 3D food printer uses your favorite ingredients to print out various toothsome and very much edible food items for you. The technology is in its budding stages and still has a long way to go. But a Spain-based company, Natural Machines, is ready to roll-out the first 3D food printer. They’ve named the device ‘Foodini’ and there’s a lot of buzz attached to it.

But it becomes important to see, how far will the 3D food printer travel? Will it survive a challenging phase to emerge victorious as the microwave? Or will it succumb to limitations and disappear like several other innovative but unfulfilling inventions? No matter what, the idea is totally worth an applause!



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