5 Simple Ways To Battle Hot and Humid Weather Conditions

May 13, 2018 10:26 AM |

Humid Weather Tips

Weather extremities are always difficult to deal with. A freezing cold wintry morning or the blistering heat of the summer sun, it’s always difficult to deal with changing weather conditions. But nothing beats the fury of a hot and sultry day. Humidity combined with heat is the last thing you wish to see on any forecast.

As rains take a break during Monsoon, the sun comes out and all of a sudden, it gets hot and humid. Humidity is dreaded universally. You can’t sit, you can’t walk, playing your favorite sport becomes a challenge, and hanging out with friends isn’t ‘cool’ anymore.

So how do we deal with such troublesome weather conditions? A few simple life hacks can help you cope with the unforgiving hot and humid weather conditions. Let’s check them out!


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Humid Weather TipsChoose the right kind of beverages and dump the wrong kind of fluids. Avoid a high intake of alcoholic beverages and include more water in your diet. You can go for water based mocktails, squash, juices, and other preparations. The idea is to minimize dehydration.

Food Habits

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Humid Weather Tips

You need to avoid foods which will increase your metabolic heat. It is important to go for foods which will have a cooling effect on your body. Try to avoid non vegetarian meals and actually anything with high protein. The importance of a well-balanced diet must be acknowledged.

Public Places

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Humid Weather Tips

It is ok to go to public places when the weather outside is hot and humid, but where do you think you’re going? Busy open ‘under-the-sun’ marketplaces with packed crowds? No way, bail yourself out right away. You can opt for air conditioned closed quarters and spaces like restaurants, malls, and other places of interest.

Stealing Sunshine

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Humid Weather Tips

You may think that exposing your body to the sun is extremely important. Well it really is but be careful about it when the air is hot and humid. You can catch sunburns and in turn the body’s ability to cool itself. Moreover, sunshine means sweating. Humidity will squeeze out a lot of juice from your body without even seeking your consent. So don’t trouble your body any further and try to avoid the sun.

Home Sweet Home

Humid Weather Tips

The best way to stay cool on a hot and humid day is to stay back home as much as you can. If your house is air conditioned, then the weather outside will hardly meddle with your daily affairs. But even if your house isn’t air-conditioned, you can do a few things to cool your house naturally. Awnings and louvres will help and so will using drapes and shades.

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