5 Trending destinations to visit this Monsoon in India

May 31, 2016 11:52 AM |


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Finally, summers are bidding a bye and it’s time to welcome Monsoon with arms wide open. Monsoon, a season of love and travel. While some may prefer to enjoy this weather laying cozy in their beds, there are others who would like to explore new places. For all the bag packers who are eagerly planning a trip but have no idea how to rule out a place this rainy season, here is a list of trending destinations that witness the best rainfall in India:


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Goa: For all the travelers, Goa is and will always be one of the most trending places. Whether be a trip with friends or with your loved ones, Goa is a perfect honeymoon as well as water activities terminus. It is one of the best places to visit during Monsoon and experiencing rain on the beaches.


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Kerala: Kerala is the best time to be visited during Monsoon. If you are fond of seeing scenic beauty, tea plantations and lush green covered mountains, Kerala is your best bet. Termed as God’s own country with heavy rainfall, Kerala has much to offer.


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Coorg: One of the best places to visit during Monsoon, Coorg offers an excellent getaway for the traveler in you. Surrounded with lush green sloping hills, waterfalls and overflowing rivers, this place observes the best weather to enjoy. You can witness heavy rainfall from June to August.


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Ladakh: Being a popular tourist destination for all the bikers and solo travelers, Ladakh has much to offer. It is one of the most attractive places to experience Monsoon. With fascinating Buddhist monasteries built in Tibetan style to Shayok River in the Nubra Valley, Ladakh is the best place for nature and adventure lovers.  If traveled during the Monsoon season, one can also attend the traditional Ladakh festival that occurs in September.



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Lonavla: Approximately 90 Km away from Mumbai and 65 Km from Pune, Lonavla is famous both among its locals and tourists. It is a tiny hill station that beholds the beauty of nature within along with many tourist sightseeing. Lonavla is famous for its valleys and hills which are best visited during Monsoon. It’s fun to get drenched and play in the waterfalls near Tiger’s Leap which makes it a worth visiting place in Monsoon.


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