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7 Reasons why February is the best month to travel

February 8, 2016 12:59 PM |

Travelling knows no time true. One must travel whenever and wherever possible. It is the only way to let go of your worries and embrace the beauty of Mother Nature. But if you are a working adult and hardly get any time to go on trips, taking time out, even for short trips, creates huge havoc. But it’s high time to get moving.

February is one of the most romantic times of the year. Every picture you take is as perfect as Instagram filter Amaro. The weather mellows itself to perfect temperatures. It is neither bone-chilling winter nor the sweat popping summers.

Here are the seven reasons why one should travel in February.

1. If you have any love for winters, then this has to be your time to get going. The last time to soak in the beauty of winters before it comes back knocking again at our doors in November. Get packing and get going!

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2. Enjoy snowfall for the last time in the year. Previously the snowfall used to happen during January. But due to the Western Disturbance the hill stations of Northern India are observing snowfall in February.

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3. Romantic Place to be in. It doesn't matter when you plan your holiday with your significant other; nothing can even remotely come close to being romantic if you take him/her out in February. No wonder Valentine’s Day is celebrated during this month.

3 - C4. The weather is just perfect. One cannot sketch out such amazing time for humans unless it is done by god himself! You don’t need to don four layers of woollen clothes or worry about the sweat patches. The temperatures are not nearing zero nor are they soaring in the late 20s. Perfect 12-16 degree Celsius, perfect for outing.

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5. One cannot emphasize more on the fact that companies and their HR policies are getting hard on their employees. While some companies do take care of their employees, most of them just keep it tight. Some companies have started a policy where employees cannot carry forward the Paid Leaves. What better way to turn around such a terrible policy in your favour. Go out and get your paid leaves worth.

5 - C6. Cheap Flight Tickets. Reports have showed that if you book your holiday about 18 weeks prior, you can and you will save at least 18-22% in travel. So if you were stalling that Dubai trip, now is the time to make it happen.

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7. February is the time when all the major festivals happen. If you plan well in advance, Rio Carnival in Brazil happens in February first week. If you miss it, then a similar festival happens in Costa Rica, called Envision in late February. But if budget is one of your constraints then back home, Jaisalmer hosts Desert Festival. It is touted as one of a kind experience if you want to soak up the cultures of Rajasthan in small amount of time. In Faridabad, SurajKund Mela happens every first two weeks of February.


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