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Benefits of high humidity

August 16, 2013 6:01 PM |

Ever wondered that the high humidity levels which make you irritable and leaves the entire day intolerably muggy and damp could actually have some unique benefits you might have never known. Here are five simple yet never thought of benefits of high humidity that will leave you surprised.

Precipitation: High temperatures and humidity that force you to stay indoors and switch on the ACs, usually bring good news during late afternoons or evenings in the form of rain. In places where humidity levels maintain above 80%, occasional showers and drizzle continue all day, like in the case of Pune. This in turn maintains the mercury levels, leaving everyone cheerful and happy.

Animals : High humidity generally makes the temperature of the air more constant, allowing very little difference between high and low temperatures as seen in the drier climates. Animals will be healthier in general with more stable daily temperatures. Also, high humidity is relative to the amount of precipitation any given climate receives, which in turn provides adequate moisture for abundant growth of plant and food for the food chain. Now you know why your dog is irritable in the summers and feels charged during the monsoon and winter months.

Skin: Acne problems do not seem to leave you…shift to a humid place. Humidity is one of your skin's best friends. It's an essential for healthy, beautiful skin.Low humidity causes dry skin, dry hair, itching and chapping. Whereas, high humidity leaves the skin supple, fresh and glowing which is why dermatologists and cosmetologists always suggest using humidifiers in homes in drier climates to maintain the relative humidity levels of 40%.

Flu–Every year the flu season packs a punch and spoils everyone’s health. But now, just a simple trick can keep this major flu season in control. A new research has revealed a simple way to reduce the risk of infection in an indoor setting. Just hike up humidity levels!Researchers say, just by raising indoor relative humidity levels to 43 percent or above, 86 percent of airborne virus particles can be left powerless. This is another instance where humidifiers can work wonders!

Sinus–Remember you were told how humidity is the worst enemy for sinus. But humid air is way better for your nose than extremely dry air. Breathing dry air all day long can dry out nasal passages and cause or aggravate respiratory problems. Dry sinuses, bloody noses and cracked lips- humidifiers can help soothe all these familiar problems. And not many know that humidifiers can also help ease symptoms of cold and other respiratory conditions.

Lastly, the best way to test humidity levels in your house is with a hygrometer. This device, which looks like a thermometer, measures the amount of moisture in the air. Hygrometers can be purchased at any store near you. When buying a humidifier, consider purchasing one with a built-in hygrometer which maintains humidity within a healthy range.

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