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Blame Monsoon for feeling tired and drowsy

July 20, 2015 6:18 PM |

Blame Monsoon for feeling tired and drowsy

Heavy downpours and overcast sky conditions both indicate that you are home bound till it really stops raining. While most of us keep talking about the perks of a rainy day and how the rains make you want to dance like no one’s watching, the long drive leaves you tired and drowsy. Honestly speaking, a rainy day instead of lifting your spirits, leaves you sleepy and dull which has been proven scientifically. We will tell you why you are tired and sleepy during the rainy season.

The pitter patter sound of the raindrops reduces the sound of traffic chaos. When it rains, everything comes to a standstill. The sound of the rain has a tune to it which acts like a lullaby. Psychologically, your body responses to the surroundings and you end up feeling drowsy.

On a rainy day, dark clouds take over and the sun gets into hiding. Even at noon, it looks like early morning or evening. Our biological response to a dark environment is to close our eyes and go off to sleep. Our body responds to the environment and begins the sleep cycle.

When the sun shines bright in the sky, our body absorbs the much needed vitamin D. But, during Monsoon the Vitamin D intake reduces significantly. Many people end up taking Vitamin supplements during this season. This further results in fatigue and drowsiness.

When it is raining outside, everything ends up getting slowed down. When the sun is shining, more work is done. We usually eat food on the go, and tend to be more active. However, it isn’t the same when it comes to Monsoon. During the rain, people usually get lazy and life’s pace tends to slow down. People usually eat more than the required amount which is another factor that makes them more tired.

So, the next time you feel sleepy during Monsoon, try not blaming your boss or the workload.

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