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Easy tips to keep skin glowing this winter

March 4, 2024 8:00 AM |

Easy winter skin care tips

It’s that time of the year when flaky and broken skin will be an everyday story. The brutal cold and the icy winds take a toll on your skin leaving it rough and dry as a bone. You have two choices, you can either let these vampires suck the life out of your skin or do something to make your skin supple and healthy. We bring you some easy tips, from head to toe to keep your skin full of life.


Easy winter skin care tipsThe idea is to keep your skin as moisturized as you can. Apply a thick layer of moisturizer right after you take a bath. Try going for an oil based lotion instead of the regular water based ones for longer hours of moisturization. (Image Credit:

Drink it up

Easy winter skin care tipsDrinking ounces of water is not only a good idea during the summer season, but it is also a great practice to keep your skin hydrated during the chilly winter days. So, don’t keep yourself from taking that bottle of water with you when you are heading out. (Image Credit:

Short showers

Easy winter skin care tipsA cold day makes you want to take extra-long hot showers. However, exposure to hot water for a longer period of time sucks out the moisture from your skin. So instead of taking a long hot bath, go for a short one and use lukewarm water. (Image Credit:


Easy winter skin care tipsJust because it is the winter season, it doesn’t mean you need to keep your sunscreen out of your beauty bag. Winter sun is also capable of giving you sun burns and damaging your skin. The next time you head out, make sure you slather on some sunscreen. (Image Credit:

Sweater Weather

Easy winter skin care tipsTo save your skin from harsh winds and cool temperatures, make sure you layer up enough. Prolonged exposure to very cold air does no good to your skin. Thus, make sure all those mittens and scarves are well used. (Image Credit:

Oil your dry hands

Easy winter skin care tipsYour hands tend to become drier during winters than other parts of your body. To save your hands from the dryness, use moisturizing lotions that have a longer stay duration. If that doesn’t work, try using some coconut oil and see how it works wonders. (Image Credit:

Dry face

Easy winter skin care tipsDry face is one of the most common and annoying problems during winters. Your face is that one portion, which remains exposed and faces the brunt of the cruel cold. Make sure you use long lasting lotions every time you wash your face. Before sleeping, make sure you apply some kind of night cream to prevent dryness. (Image Credit:

Wear it right

Easy winter skin care tipsIf you didn’t know, it is quite important for you to wear the right clothes at night to prevent skin dryness. For instance, if you have a sensitive skin it is best to stick to materials like cotton and flannels to avoid any kind of irritation or itching. (Image Credit:

The weather outside may be brutal and unpleasant, but it doesn’t mean your skin has to pay the price.

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