Hair Care Tips for Hot and Humid Weather

July 13, 2015 4:31 PM |

Hair Care Tips for Hot and Humid Weather

During Monsoon, when the rain gods decide to take a break and hot and humid weather takes over, the look of your hair turns nothing short of disastrous. During this kind of weather, you need to take extra care of your unmanageable and frizzy hair.  We bring you simple and easy steps to take good care of your hair during this humid weather.


Hair Care Tips for Hot and Humid Weather

It is not just your skin that needs proper moisturizing but your hair needs it as well. When your hair is dehydrated, it ends up absorbing moisture more quickly. The drier your hair gets, the more difficult it becomes to treat frizzy hair. Make sure you condition your hair at least thrice a week. You don’t want your hair to look like a bird’s nest.

No Blow Drying

Hair Care Tips for Hot and Humid Weather

Since your hair already lacks moisture, blow drying your hair during this weather will only make it worse. You want more moisture in your hair, instead of your hair losing the already present moisture in it. For some time, let your beautiful locks dry naturally, after all patience is all you need for great results.

Use Cold Water

Hair Care Tips for Hot and Humid Weather

While it is alright to have a hot bath, make sure you only use cold water to wash your hair. Washing hair with cold water helps in sealing up the pores, this way the moisture present in your hair remains intact and does not come out.

Tie Your Hair

Hair Care Tips for Hot and Humid Weather

While we all love to flaunt our beautiful tresses and locks, it is best to tie your hair if humid weather ends up taking a toll on it. At the time of utter crisis, it is best to tie your locks and curls to save them from the humid weather.

Use a Serum

Hair Care Tips for Hot and Humid Weather

After washing your hair put some serum on damp hair. Apply the serum on your strands and the part of your hair which is more prone to dryness. One thing you need to ensure is to use only the required amount and nothing more than that. Using a little too much of serum may affect your hair adversely.

Regular Oiling

Hair Care Tips for Hot and Humid Weather

The damp and humid weather tends to make your hair lifeless and dull. To protect your hair and keep it smooth, regular oiling becomes a necessity. It will also ensure that your hair remains strong and healthy.

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