Easy Make-up Tips for Monsoon

June 18, 2015 5:19 PM |

Easy Make-up Tips for Monsoon

When you are all dolled up for a get together and rain ruins your make up, your love for rain turns into hatred. No matter how good a rainy day may be, there are chances that it may wash out your make up completely. What do you do then? How do you gear up and protect your make up from the monstrous Monsoon? Ladies, just keep calm, and check our list of make-up tips for a worry free Monsoon.

No Foundation

Easy Make-up Tips for Monsoon

During Monsoon, try to not use foundation. You don’t want the rain to mess your entire face because of one small mistake. You could go for a face powder instead. Ensure that you only use enough powder to remove the grease off your face. If it is extremely necessary to use foundation, stay away from the liquid ones, and use the powdered instead.

Kajal and Mascara

Easy Make-up Tips for Monsoon

During Monsoon, try not using kajal unless you have a waterproof kajal. Also, take caution when you are applying mascara and Kajal. Only buy water resistant eyeliners and mascaras. You don’t want to show up with a blackened face at a party on a rainy day.


Easy Make-up Tips for Monsoon

When buying eye-shadows, avoid buying the cream ones. They tend to get messed quickly. Go for a powdered one instead. Also, instead of using dark colours, go for pastel shades. Beige, light pink and very light shades of orange tend to look good and are quite easy maintenance as well.


Easy Make-up Tips for Monsoon

When you are applying blush, do not overdo it. Blush looks the best when it is applied just slightly. Use water resistant blushes. This way even if your face ends up getting wet, you can simply dab the water with a tissue, and the blush remains intact. Make sure you blend them well.


Easy Make-up Tips for Monsoon

Monsoon is the time when you need to say goodbye to your favourite lip gloss and embrace the matte waterproof lipsticks. Also, make sure you wear those long lasting lipsticks that stay for a longer period of time. You can also apply lipstick over a non-oily lip balm to help it stay longer.

Apply these make up tips and say goodbye to messy makeup days.

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