Must follow driving tips for Monsoon

May 4, 2018 12:40 PM |

Must follow driving tips for Monsoon

Roads flooded with water, slippery lanes and washed cars in the driveways, Monsoon is finally here. The time to go on endless long drives and enjoying hot bhuttas is just here. Did you decide on the Monsoon getaway you want to go to? One thing that you need to ensure is driving safely during Monsoon as roads tend to get more accident prone. We bring you some must follow driving tips to help you stay safe during Monsoon.

The first thing you need to ensure is to check your vehicle. Make sure that your tires are working fine and the wipers are properly functioning. Also, headlights and tail lights have to be in working position, you do not want an accident to occur due to some fault in your car lights.

Whenever you are leaving for somewhere, make sure you keep some extra time in hand. During Monsoon, traffic tends to get worse and you may end up reaching late at your desired destination. Also, while you are driving make sure you keep enough distance from the car in front.

Whenever it’s raining too heavily and the visibility gets poor, get off the road and stop driving. Accidents are most common during these times. Try not to drive around areas that have been waterlogged. Also, during Monsoon it is important to be smooth with your car controls. Do not put brakes or accelerate suddenly.

Another important thing you must keep in mind is to keep your lights on and make yourself visible on the road to avoid accidents. Avoid areas where there is accumulation of water, there could be an uncovered manhole or a pothole which may prove hazardous to you.

Follow these simple steps and save yourself from a mishap while driving on a rainy day. Happy Monsoon driving!

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