Must Follow Fashion Tips for Monsoon

Must Follow Fashion Tips for Monsoon

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Must Follow Fashion Tips for Monsoon

When the scorching summer heat comes to an end and Monsoon makes a grand entry, your wardrobe demands to be changed. Vibrant colours and rain friendly clothes take over. Did you think that a rainy day would mean taking a break from fashionable clothes? Well, you may be mistaken. Check out our easy styling tips to up your style quotient without being a disaster.

Hello Shorts

Must Follow Fashion Tips for Monsoon

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Well, bid adieu to your good old jeans for a little bit of time and take out those hot shorts hiding in your closet. Not only will it save you from getting drenched but you also get to flaunt those legs. Well, if you are not too comfortable wearing shorts, you can go for a divided skirt or wear skirts instead.

Loose is In

Must Follow Fashion Tips for Monsoon

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On a rainy day, instead of sporting tight fitted t-shirts, you can go for loose tops instead. Crop tops, and tank tops can be a great option. You could team up your bright coloured top with neutral shorts/skirts and look nothing less than fabulous.

Messy Hairdo

Must Follow Fashion Tips for Monsoon

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Instead of leaving your hair open, you can go for messy braids or ponytails. You can also try out buns to give your face a fresher look. Try out various accessories to add that edge to your hair and make it look even prettier. But, make sure you take good care of your hair as well. Don’t forget that.


Must Follow Fashion Tips for Monsoon

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Give your stilettos and peep toes a break and go for rain friendly footwear. However, this doesn’t mean it should not be stylish at all. Go for wedges or strappy footwear. You need to give your feet equal importance. Let them breathe. After all it is all about happy feet isn’t it?

Less is More


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Since it is raining, you don’t have to cover your natural beauty with make-up. As they say, less is definitely more. The less make-up you wear, the more your natural beauty gets highlighted. Light mascara, just a dab of blush and a little bit of eye liner does the trick. You can use your BB cream to hide the flaws of your face. For your lips, a coloured lip balm or a light lip gloss would do the trick.

Follow these simple steps and stay in vogue even when the weather is too wet and humid. After all, every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.

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