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South India beckons visitors as October approaches

September 30, 2014 5:30 PM |

Escape the city’s maddening crowd or rejuvenate on a getaway after spending endless hours as a workaholic for an entire week. It’s time to embrace the mild and pleasing weather of South India as the region heads towards Northeast Monsoon.

Unlike Northwest, Peninsular India enjoys prolonged monsoon season, courtesy Southwest Monsoon and Northeast Monsoon. October in Peninsular India observes the transformation of monsoon season - from Southwest Monsoon to Northeast Monsoon. While Southwest Monsoon showers rain during June – September in Interior Karnataka, Kerala and Lakshadweep, Northeast Monsoon lashes these sub-divisions with rain during October-December. Moreover, Northeast Monsoon contributes 60% of the annual rainfall in Tamil Nadu.

Skymet Meteorology Division in India forecasts pleasant weather in many parts of South India in the upcoming week of October. So if you plan to make most of the forthcoming extended weekend or simply want to enjoy weather between two monsoons, then heading towards South India and exploring the picturesque valleys could be an excellent start to October.

One can indulge in trekking in Karnataka to being stunned by the mesmerizing views of Kerala backwaters to romancing the pleasant weather on the beaches of Tamil Nadu.
Some of the South Indian places apt for October visit are:-
Chitradurga, Karnataka
Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
Kollam Beach, Kerala
Ooty, Tamil Nadu

chitra CroppedChitradurga, Karnataka – Chitradurga experiences light to moderate rain showers during Northeast monsoon. The pleasant weather of surrounding cities Bangalore and Mysore is reflected in the weather of Chitradurga too. Barring few days, this tourist place welcomes visitors with a misty and hazy weather. Maximum and minimum temperatures hover around mid-20s, giving comfortable time to tourists who wish to visit the famous Chitradurga fort.



kodaikanal CroppedKodaikanal, Tamil Nadu – Kodaikanal is situated at a height of about 2,133 m above sea level, near the city of Madurai. Enjoying maximum temperature of 18-20°C and minimums of 10-12°C during October, Kodaikanal is seldom drenched by the light rain showers as northeast monsoon visit the hill station. So if you plan to venture out and head to Kodaikanal to experience the excellent weather, do pack layers of clothes to cover yourself during trekking or casual strolling.


Ooty, Tamil Nadu – The pleasant and comforting weather of Ooty speaks for itself as the city does not have an off season! The green of tea estates in Ooty seems to become greener as light rain washes it during the Northeast Monsoon season, enticing visitors towards this Southern hill station. ooty CroppedThe maximum temperature of 18°C and minimum temperature settling at 10-12°C makes days pleasant and evenings chilly. Botanical Garden, Ooty lake and nearby Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the places visitors can easily visit during this time.





kollam CroppedKollam Beach, Kerala – Situated in God’s own country, Kollam beach is one of the many places in Kerala that enjoy prolonged rainy season. The maximum temperature of lower 30s and minimum temperature of lower 20s makes the weather ideal for beach visit and city sightseeing.







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