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Substitute Ice Cream with Yogurt this Monsoon

March 18, 2015 1:44 PM |

Frozen Yogurt

A good monsoon in India is celebrated with as much fanfare as any of the popular festivals. It is one of the most beautiful seasons to explore nature’s beauty and wildlife. Monsoon definitely comes as a relief from the hot summer season, but also brings along health irritants like allergies and infections.

Cool winds of the rainy season gradually mellow down the severe heat of summer months. Increased humidity in atmosphere can however, wreak havoc on your body’s digestion process. Monsoon is also a breeding ground for many diseases due to food poisoning. Nevertheless, this must not keep you away from good food. A few alteration in eating habits can settle the situation.

How to control our ice cream pangs?

Frozen Yogurt

It is a widely known fact that monsoon infections and allergies are common in animals as well. In order to avoid any kind of health risks, it is advisable to reduce the intake of dairy products. But the question that arises is how to control our ice cream pangs? The fluctuation in temperature decreases the immunity of our body and makes us susceptible to diseases. However, yogurt is here to boost your immunity during monsoon.

Ice Cream Vs Frozen Yogurt

Ice Cream Vs Yogurt

With the growing popularity of frozen yogurt, health-conscious fans of ice cream need not worry anymore. Frozen yogurt is definitely a better alternative than ice cream, since it is a fermented food. The addition of live bacterial cultures to milk leads to fermentation in the milk. The lactic acid thereby formed, gradually thickens the milk proteins and guards against non-beneficial bacteria.

Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt Smoothies

Yogurt is more beneficial than other dairy products in a number of ways. It not only has high levels of protein and minerals, but its enzymatic benefits can also aid in digestion. Our body needs good bacteria in the digestive tract, which is found in many yogurts.

Frozen yogurt is a rare combination of healthy, convenient and a delicious treat. Fruits are undoubtedly the powerhouse of nutrition and restores energy in our body. And how can we ever ignore the perfect desert on a rainy day made by tossing some fresh fruits in our yogurt? If you are game for more fun, whip up a smoothie with yogurt and fruits. Yogurt is also easy to digest than milk. So if you are lactose intolerant, go get your favourite flavour of yogurt today, from one of the popular outlets including Cocoberry, Pinkberry and so on.

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