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Top foot care tips for Monsoon

June 22, 2015 5:03 PM |

Top Foot Care Tips For Monsoon

Everyone waits for Monsoon, and why wouldn’t they? Rain and romance are the key ingredients for the perfect Monsoon. But Monsoon also brings along with it muddy roads, and water-logging.  During this time, your feet require your care the most. Moist temperature, waterlogged streets and dampness bring various foot problems. Take a look at the ways through which you can take proper care of your feet and keep them soft and infection free.

Wear Rain Shoes

Top foot care tips for Monsoon

Whenever it is raining outside, make sure you go out wearing proper shoes. Instead of wearing high heels, or sports shoes, go for flip flops instead. If you can wear rain shoes, it is even better. Never wear wet footwear, your risk of developing a fungal infection will increase.

Keep Your Feet Dry

Top foot care tips for Monsoon

Try not to wet your feet, and if you end up doing it make sure you dry them as soon as you can. It is advisable to keep extra shoes when you head outside on a rainy day so that you can wear dry footwear. Clean your shoes if they get soaked in mud and dirty water.

Avoid walking barefoot

Top foot care tips for Monsoon

Walking barefoot results in various infections. Don’t forget to wear your flip flops while you are walking on wet floors. Also, make sure you keep your toenails really short. You may end up developing a risk of fungal infection if dirt gathers under your nails.

Clean Your Feet

Top foot care tips for Monsoon

Whenever your feet get dirty ensure that you properly wash them. Rinse your feet well and wash it properly with soap. You don’t want dirt to remain stuck on your feet and further cause infections. Also, do not forget to apply moisturiser after drying your feet. Change your socks daily if you have smelly feet.

Do Not go out with Wounds

Top foot care tips for Monsoon

Wounds in the monsoon take more time to heal than in summer and winter. Make sure that you have no open wounds on your feet. If you have any, cover them in the best way you can with band aid. This is required so that the bacteria and other germs that are in the water and mud do not get in and get your wounds infected.

Use Quality Foot care products

Top foot care tips for Monsoon

Buy the best foot care products and use them for beautiful & healthy feet. Use the branded products and well-known products. Do not go for the cheap products or which may cause some problems to your feet. You can also go for a fish spa foot massage to help clear the dead cells around the feet.

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