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Top Monsoon Hair Care Tips for Smooth and Silky Hair

June 24, 2015 4:12 PM |

Top Hair Care Tips for Smooth and Silky Hair this Monsoon

Hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp and unmanageable hair, rings a bell? Yes, we are talking about Monsoon hair woes. The rain makes your hair frizzy and rough leaving you annoyed and helpless. What do you do then? How do you solve this problem? Shouldn’t you be worried? Well, follow our tips to protect and take care of your hair this Monsoon, and say hello to beautiful and shiny hair.

One of the most important things you must do during the rainy season is to wash your hair at least two to three times in one day. This keeps your hair clean and prevents your hair from developing fungal infections. Also, try using a conditioner after every wash, your hair become soft and manageable.

When styling your hair, tone down on the straightening and curling, the key is to keep it simple. Instead of leaving your hair open, you can tie braids. This way your hair stays protected and remains shiny throughout the season. Also, keep your hair as dry as possible. During Monsoon, you end up losing four times the amount of hair times as you usually do. Keeping your hair dry will prevent hair loss and keep your hair strong.

Eating right is another important thing to keep your hair strong and they also prevent hair loss. Try eating eggs, salmons, low fat dairy products and lots of vegetables. Also, it is advisable to drink plenty of water. The more water you drink, the stronger your hair gets.

Do you have long hair? Go for short cuts if it is getting difficult to manage. Also, make sure you do not share combs. You don’t want other people’s hair problems to reach yours. Oiling your hair at least once a week is also quite essential.

Follow these hair care tips, and bid adieu to the hair troubles that Monsoon brings along with it. This season, no more whining about bad hair cos you won’t have any.

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