The poetic charm of Mumbai Monsoon

June 23, 2018 9:39 AM |


Waking up to the smell of the first Monsoon rain, the refreshing ambience and a cup of coffee just the way I like it – couldn’t ask for a better weekend. Mumbai Monsoon is almost here! The magic of first Monsoon rains of the season has the ingrained power of turning anyone into a poet. Just as it did to me today morning!

You can hate it or fall in love with it
But, you definitely cannot ignore it.

It comes as a relief after days of sweltering heat
But, soon becomes a messy treat.

Food comes to the rescue in our disdain,
As the long forlorn ‘cutting chai’ accompanies Vada Pav once again!

Monsoon is here for the Mumbaikar,
Infusing the air with pleasant, dewy petrichor,

The first spell of Monsoon rain in Mumbai
Suddenly transforms the city into a heavenly abode

Look beyond traffic snarls
It’s just Monday blues, not a real brawl,
Imbibe the Monsoon charm on an evening stroll.

For the week confide in Marine Drive
As the Monsoon getaways wait for your jive

From Mahabaleshwar to Lonavala
Bhandardara to Khandala.

Relish bhel puri to bhajiya with the dear one
Leave no stone unturned.

Yes, Monsoon 2016 will be a blessing for Mumbai
But, not without its woes.

Make the most of the best
Mumbai Monsoon will do the rest!


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