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Top 10 Monsoon memories from childhood

October 8, 2015 1:39 PM |

Monsoon memories back from childhood days simply make me nostalgic. Back then, Monsoon meant floating paper boats in rain water streams. It was the time when playing in the puddles of water was the best moment of the day. It was the time when the smell of earth meant the onset of a joyous season. Yes, I can say that you had an amazing childhood if you were proficient in making paper boats.

Playing in the rain with your neighborhood peeps was worth every sacrifice. Who cared about cold and missing work, sorry, school. Monsoon has already started retreating.

To refresh your memories, we bring you the some of the things we did as kids during the Monsoon season. The beauty of this Monsoon won’t last forever. So get out, get going! Go out play with the frogs amidst shiny greenery.

Featured image credit - Scroll Droll


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