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Will you spend on 'the most expensive ice cream in the world' this summer?

May 7, 2015 5:03 PM |


With the onset of summer, our craving for lip-smacking ice-creams reaches another level. Ice Cream is perhaps the most effective heat busting food item. But what if the cost of your ice cream was way beyond imagination?

Zubin Doshi's Scoopi Café in Dubai serves what they call the 'Black Diamond'. Contrary to the name though, the preparation is extremely flashy. Black Diamond is prepared using Italian truffles, ambrosial Iranian saffron, and 23 carat gold which is totally edible.

The ice cream is served to you in a Versace bone china bowl which you can then take home with you (we're hopefully assuming here). Now what's the real fuss? It's the price actually. The climax is not the 'golden' branding but the price. A single scoop of Black Diamond will cost you Rs. 50,000!

When you try to count the number of things you can buy for that amount, the list is endless. It is somebody's monthly salary or at times two month's salary; you can get an iPhone 6 for the price; holiday packages to Bangkok start from Rs. 21,000/-; and the price of a super hospitality box in an Indian Premier League game is around Rs. 20,000/- only!

So while you finish your meal and head towards the 'Desserts' section on the menu, give Doshi's Black Diamond a good long look. Is eating off a Versace bowl really worth the price? Or is eating gold worth Rs. 50,000? We leave the judgement to you!




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