Asia Cup 2016: High Humidity To Be A Crucial Factor In The India Pakistan Clash

February 27, 2016 12:17 PM |

1What can only be termed as the biggest face off in the cricketing world, India takes on Pakistan in the third game of the tournament. After beating the home team, Bangladesh, on their home turf, India seems confident. But the only thing to keep in mind is that India and Pakistan are on level pegging when it comes to Asia Cup.

Having said that, out of last six T20 games India has played only one has India lost. Same equation goes for the games against Pakistan, only one lost in the last six matches. Also, the match will be played in the same Sher-E-Bangla Stadium where India beat Bangladesh.

This is also the first match for Pakistan in the Asia Cup so they would like to start with a win but chances of that happening are very bleak. But when one looks at the line up both the teams, India and Pakistan are equally matched. Experienced team members like Yuvraj Singh and Shahid Afridi on both the sides. Same goes for the pacers Ashish Nehra and Mohammad Shami. In batting Khurram Manzoor, Mohammad Hafeez, Sarfraz Ahmad handle the Pakistani side where as Indian batting brigade will have MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh and many more.

The excitement about this particular match is too high.

High levels of humidity, around 65-75%, will prevail over Dhaka. This is due to some light spell of rain around afternoon. The weather will be clear around 7 o’clock that means that the match will start on time with no delay. The temperatures will be around 24-26 degree Celsius. Clear sky with few patches of cloud will be observed. Light winds will help the bowlers in the later stages of the game. The dew factor will come into play in the second half and help the batsmen chase the total.

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