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Warmer weather ahead for Pune and Nashik, winter chill far away

December 19, 2023 2:08 PM |

Both the cities of Pune as well as Nashik have had warmer than average days for almost entire December so far. As far as Pune is concerned, Pune has seen normal temperatures in terms of minimums.

For Nashik, minimums settled around 12.5 degrees on December 17 and Pune saw minimum a 12 degrees on December 16, both lowest of the season.

Otherwise, weather has been on the warmer side itself. Today, airport observatory in Pune recorded 17.1 dgerees, which is six degrees above normal. Other observatories also saw minimums 5-6 degrees above normal.

Even in the coming days, minimums will settle between 15 and 17 degrees for the next one week. For Nashik as well, minimums will be around 15-16 degrees for one week.

The cities of Pune and Nashik lie on the lee side of the Western Ghats and are much colder as compared to the coastal parts. Last year, the minimums in Pune had dipped to 8.9 degrees in the first half of December itself, while Nashik had seen the minimum around 10 degrees on the same day.

The minimums usually see such minimums, but this time it has. More of southeasterly winds are being seen and for colder weather, more of northerly and northeasterly winda are required, which are usually offshoot of anti cyclone over Rajasthan.

This time, the absence and dismemberment of anti-cyclone over Rajasthan are causing higher temperatures over these areas. Thus, with this, we do not expect minimums to increase over any of these cities.

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