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Western Disturbances To Keep The Mountains Active with Rain And Snow

March 7, 2024 2:34 PM |

Western disturbances are likely to keep the northern mountains alive and kicking for the next about two weeks. Breaks, in between will be short and sweet. Weather activity will remain confined to the hills, except on one odd occasion, around early next week, when the plains also will get the share, for a day or two.

Presently, there is a weak western disturbance over Jammu & Kashmir. Rain and snow are expected in the higher reaches and generally cloudy sky with scattered light rain in the lower parts of the hills. The remnant effect will be seen tomorrow, as well, on a lighter note.  Brief and short clearance is expected, a day later on 09th March. The fresh weather system is waiting in the wings and is likely to arrive on 10th March.

The anticipated western disturbance will be stronger than the current one. The duration of the activity will be much longer and will last till 15th March.  The intensity and spread of the rain and snow will be large between the 12th and 14th March and more of it on 13th March. The weather activity will be equally strong for the complete mountain ranges of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand on 13th March. On the rest of the days, Jammu & Kashmir will be the active region and neighbouring Himachal Pradesh, to some extent.

The sequence of weather will reach the plains of Punjab and Haryana, as well, for a brief period, on the 12th and 13th March. Delhi and West Uttar Pradesh may also have a stint of bad weather for a day, on 13th March. Plains will take an early break from 14th Mar onward and a broad clearance for the entire region is likely on 16th March and later.

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