Travel and Leisure: Need a break from winters? Let us explore some interesting warm weather getaways

December 6, 2019 5:25 PM |

Need a break from winters and feel like going on a vacation? Here we have some interesting places for you to visit:

Sri Lanka: This exotic island in the Indian Ocean seduces everyone who steps foot with its stunning wilderness, colorful history, and flavorful cuisine. Due to the proximity and a lack of crowd, it’s possible to pack a lot into a trip to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Tourism

Dubai, UAE: Dubai in recent times has exploded into an international hub of business and tourism. Known for its jaw-dropping modern landmarks — most famously the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building.

Dubai, UAE

Hanoi, Vietnam: Hanoi is a strong contender for where to go this winter. A trip to Hanoi won't drain your bank account, but it will yield photos and memories to last a lifetime.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Argentina's cosmopolitan capital is one of the most sizzling cities on the planet. December heralds in the festive fun, fireworks illuminate the sky on New Year’s Eve and Carnaval Porteño kicks off in February.

Ko Samui, Thailand: Thailand's second-largest island and reigning holiday hotspot serve up an intoxicating mix of sandy stretches, coconut groves, dense jungle, mesmerizing temples and welcoming locals.

Bali, Indonesia: Budget-conscious wanderers who don’t mind rain and humidity will score major deals during the wet season. During those precious moments of reprieve from precipitation, travelers can chill out on the shores of Seminyak or go surfing in Canggu.

Siem Reap, Cambodia: Siem Reap is a pilgrimage-worthy destination in its own right. From contemporary art galleries to the Cambodian circus, the list of drawcards doesn’t start and end with awe-inspiring ancient temples. December to February represents the peak travel period. Even with the uptick in tourists, prices remain quite reasonable.

Auckland, New Zealand: A dynamic capital with a pleasant climate, Auckland does a stellar job at providing an urban escape that feels like a true vacation. It's loaded with cool sites, notably the emblematic Sky Tower.

Auckland, New Zealand

Sydney, Australia: Summer in the capital of New South Wales is distinguished by warm weather, farmers' markets, and a range of exciting live performances. Average daytime temperatures in the 70s encourage locals and visitors alike to relish the many outdoor attractions — whether that’s climbing the iconic Harbour Bridge, shown here, or meandering through the Royal Botanic Garden.

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