The City Beautiful, Chandigarh: When to visit and what to explore

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Chandigarh locally known as ‘the city beautiful’ is indeed a mesmerising city situated in the foothills of the Shivalik hills. It’s the capital city of both Punjab and Haryana and thus sees an amalgamation of cultures of both the sister states. Chandigarh has its own charm whilst being the first planned city of the country. It also catches your attention of being among the cleanest cities of India. Chandigarh very subtly links modernity with a dash of history. Many of these features are yet alien to several Indian cities.


If you like long walks and everything organized or you have a thing with blue skies with mountains in backdrop sitting on some serene lake side, if you want to see a different India- yes, this one is for you!

Summers (May-June)

Just like any other north Indian City located in the plains Chandigarh, enjoys a moderate weather. Summers which start from the month of May, do get pretty harsh by the end of the month and during June. Maximum temperature during this period settles between 37-40° C which makes stepping out for tourists quite an arduous task.

Monsoon (July-August)

With an average rainfall close to 600 mm during this period, Monsoon brings great relief for the locals reeling under intense heat. At times this comfort is short lived due to increasing humidity. Day temperatures range between 28–35 degrees Celsius.

But after a fresh spell of rain, the sight of the city is certainly breath taking, with green trees and grass having been dusted off with a splash of water.

With a hint of cool air in the atmosphere, this is the perfect time of the year to enjoy the awesome view of the Shivaliks from the Sukhna lake.

Autumn (September-October)


The period starting September till October attracts most tourists as the weather is pleasant throughout the day, with average maximum temperature settling around 32 degrees Celsius. You can pay a visit if you like it all yellow with maple leaves covering the roads and pavements of the city during this time of the year.

Winter (November- March)

This is when people stay indoors during early morning and night, venturing outside only around noon. The average day temperature remains in the range of 8-10 degrees Celsius during the months of December, January and February. Rising to settle around 20° C by the end of March.

Another aspect of the north Indian winter is fog, which creates a major problem in commuting, as visibility drops to a large extent and driving in these conditions become extremely dangerous.

Spring (March-April)

The spring months are comfortable with moderate temperatures being recorded till the summers start to blast of their furry by the end of April.

Things to do and Places to be around Chandigarh


Sukhna Lake- Go dipping feet in the waters or boat around the massive lake with a perfect sunset view to top up your experience.


Rock Garden- It’s a work of a single artist who has built a garden spanning 40 acres, installing it with artifacts created out of recycled items picked from trash. Go and find yourself lost in the muse of the artist.


Hop-on Hop off Bus- This is what you should definitely not miss to get an areal view of the city (literally) on a double-decker bus.

Elante Mall- Want to top up your visit with some souvenirs, here is where you go and pick stuff from some Chandigarh exclusive brands. You can also taste some Punjabi cuisines in the fine dining arenas here.

IT Park- Where an ideal work place should be located is- exactly here! Go and watch for yourself!

Sector 17- This place is a old shopping Centre of Chandigarh. A walk in Sector 17 is a not-to-miss with its road side vendors and all the cute little trinkets you can buy and collect.

Rose Garden- You love Biology or have a thing with plants, this place is for you with some very exotic varieties like Green and Black colored rose.

Not to mention, Chandigarh is indeed the City Beautiful!

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