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10 Reasons Why You Must Download Skymet Weather App

May 22, 2015 3:57 PM |

Skymet Weather App

Weather in India varies from region to region. Moreover, the onset of Monsoon calls for an increased awareness in terms of weather. The availability of faster mobile internet services like 3G, and now 4G, has further benefited the cause of smartphones.

But even then, a very crucial app is usually missing from most smartphones in India. Weather apps aren’t really popular in India. One can blame it on the unavailability of a truly Indian weather app. Weather apps built for other countries are usually up-to-date and cognizant but completely irrelevant to Indians. After all, when it comes to weather forecasting, proximity translates into accuracy.

And so there you have it. The Skymet Weather app - the truly ‘desi’ weather app. The app is created and run by India’s only private weather forecasting company, Skymet Weather Services, in Noida. Come to think of it, the app experience is the lifeline of any smartphone experience. We give you 10 completely valid reasons to download the Skymet Weather app and start thinking weather-wise.

Real-Time Daily Weather Forecast

Skymet Weather AppSkymet Weather app provides you the real-time daily weather forecast. It tells you about the current temperature in your city. Also, it informs you about the level of humidity in your area. It also tells you if the sky is clear or overcast conditions are prevailing over a particular region.

Weekly Weather Forecast

Skymet Weather App

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If you’re planning a trip or a family outing, you may want to go through the weekly weather forecast for a particular location. The Skymet Weather app brings you the weather forecast for the week in one simple click. One look will tell you about the kind of weather conditions which can be expected in your city throughout the week.

Latest Weather News and Analysis

Skymet Weather AppThis is one of the most distinct features of the Skymet Weather app. You get to read the latest weather news from across the country. Also, Skymet’s in-depth analysis leads to a better understanding of weather activities. They cover the 5Ws and H of weather news reporting. Moreover, weather alerts for India are posted on a daily basis. Also, you can read global weather news on the Skymet Weather app.

Lifestyle and Culture

Skymet Weather App

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Weather affects us in more ways than one can think. Skymet Weather app offers you a wide variety of articles based on health, travel, food, fashion, science and technology, and even Earth and nature. These engaging articles are a worthwhile read as they equip you with valuable information and knowledge.

Interactive Widget

Skymet Weather AppThe Skymet Weather app has been conceived and developed for new-age smartphone users. The app comes with an aesthetically pleasing widget which sits in a corner of your screen. The widget displays the current temperature of your city along with the forecast for tomorrow. Moreover, you can view the weather for multiple locations by simply swiping on the widget. No need to open the app!

Multilingual App

Skymet Weather AppA multilingual country deserves a multilingual weather app. The Skymet Weather app can be used in 8 different languages. This includes English and seven regional languages. You can use the app in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Odiya, Tamil, and Telugu. It takes just two taps to switch from one language to another.

Weather Videos

Skymet Weather AppThe Skymet Weather app also provides you with the option of watching weather videos. You can select from a wide variety of videos ranging from the national weather report to trendy lifestyle videos. The videos cover topics like health, science and tech, travel, and more.

Location Tracking

Skymet Weather App

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You can choose from more than 7,500 locations across India on the Skymet Weather app. In addition to this, you can switch on location tracking which enhances user experience. One can add multiple locations and keep a tab on weather conditions there. Even on the app widget, a simple swipe will give you weather forecast for the locations which you have added.

Upcoming Features

Skymet Weather App
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The app research and development team at Skymet Weather Services is always working on ways to improve the overall app experience for the average user. Some interesting upcoming features include an improved user interface and regular updates for performance bug fixes. Also, very soon, push notifications will be provided on the Skymet Weather app which will keep the user updated on the latest weather news, analysis, and more.

Social Media Friendly

Skymet Weather AppSocial media is a rage these days and that is exactly why the Skymet Weather app has been designed as a social media friendly app. Anything you view, read, or watch can be shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and even Zomato. You can also mail weather alerts and stories to other people.

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