5 easy ways to keep your skin happy during winters

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Winter is all about slaying your woolens, enjoying your favourite brew while watching your favorite web series and most importantly not willing to get out of your bed. While every positive thing about winter drives us crazy about this season, a major thing that haunts us is dry and itchy skin. This happens because during winters, sweat from our body evaporates at a faster pace and that is why our body gets dehydrated stealing moisture content of our skin.

Thus, skin specialists suggest some easy ways to keep our skin happy, fresh and growing during winters. Let’s check out what they are-

1. Cover your face every time you step out!

A woman holds a scarf over her face to keep warm as she waits in line outside the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in Manhattan

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We all put our hearts and souls to look our best. We follow a strict diet, don’t miss out our gym sessions and restrict taste buds from eating our favorite chocolate. All this for what? Just to make our cheek bones and jaw lines perfect. After all who doesn’t want to slay that perfect face! But hold on have your ever thought what harm winters can cause to your face if you step out without your favorite stole? Dry air pollutants come in contact of your face thereby making it dry and itchy. So make sure every time you go out, you do carry a dupatta/scarf/stole so that all your hardwork to make your face perfect doesn’t go in vain.

2. Say no to soaps!


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While those advertisements on television with our favorite celeb slaying their skins tempt us to buy the same soap, what completely goes off our mind is the harmful effect of it. Soaps steal nature oils from our body thereby making skin look rough and we keep getting agitated with itchiness that remain all around us. Skin doctors suggest to use a mild cleanser instead. Cleansers are generally foam free and keep nature oils of our skin intact.

3. Flaunt your smile with happy lips!


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What harm winter roughness can cause to our skin becomes clearly visible on our soft lips. Lips are the delicate part of our face. Winters make our lips chapped and we try to lick that chappy thing out by licking it with our saliva. Instead of this, what best we can do is carry a lip balm with us every time we step out. There is a wide range of lip balms available in market to keep the moisture content of our lips intact. Also we can choose our favorite flavour too!

4. Keep your feet happy!

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Who doesn’t want to slay in heels? But rough feet in winters pull you back from doing so. Apply an overnight foot cream to keep your feet happy and moisturized so that you can slay your favorite outfit with your expensive heels.

5.Water is the saviour!

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All the above methods would go in vain if you don’t drink bottles and bottles of water. Water has its own benefits. It flushes out impurities from your body and also improves your immune system to fight against bacteria causing disease during winters. Now if somebody asks you how do celebrities look perfect in winters too, you know the answer!

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