7 Reasons to visit scintillating Shillong this Winter

November 27, 2019 12:08 PM |

shillong winters

Popular as the ‘Scotland of East’ and ‘The abode of clouds’, this capital/hill station is situated in the beautiful state of Meghalaya in the hills of Khasi and Jaintia.

The beautiful gem of a place sits at a near-perfect height of 1500 meters from the sea level.

The climate of this beautiful paradise is referred to as a subtropical highland climate. That means the summers are relatively cool but the monsoon is what makes the region a bit moister.

The traveler's most preferred time to visit this beauty is the Winter season and here are the reasons why:

1. Perfect Temperature


Winters start knocking the door from November following which the weather becomes quite cold with the minimum temperature slipping to as low as 2°C. The hill station looks breathtaking in the chilly months and also offers a good time to indulge in outdoor activities. It makes a perfect place to visit for honeymooners. Make sure you carry your favourite woolens, as cold evenings could give you shivers.

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Image Credit: onereverie.wordpress.com

2. Umiam Lake


Just about a half-hour drive north of Shillong, you will be able to submerge yourself into complete bliss of a place called Umiam Lake. The lake was born due to a dam construction over the Umiam River. This is the perfect site for you to witness Mother Nature, resting with man-made structures.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

3. Elephant Falls


About 20 minutes’ drive from the city, is this beauty of nature. The place has three waterfalls which can be seen by hiking for 30-40 minutes. A must-visit for all the photography crazy people.

Image Credit: panoramio.com

4. Ward’s Lake


It may be a man-made lake, yet this perfectly encapsulates the essence of nature in its raw form. The place is located in the city itself. With an almost negligible population of the city, this makes an ideal getaway for quiet contemplations.

Image Credit: blog.travelyaari.com

5. Mawjymbuin Cave


Mawjymbuin Caves are located at a distance of 56 km from Shillong. These are natural caves with many natural formations inside as well. The Mawjymbuin Caves are located near one of the wettest parts of the earth Chirapunjee. Some other attractions located in the vicinity of the caves are Don Bosco Center for Indigenous Cultures.

Image Credit: holidayiq.com

6. Laitlum canyons


Perched at great heights, it is, in fact, the edge of a hill that is surrounded by green hills and valleys. The view of grassy beautifully layered rocky hills all around and minute villages far below just adds to the soothing view of the valley. Due to less marketing, this place is still untouched by tourists.

Image Credit: Google Plus

7. Food lover’s paradise


The entire country is aware of this gastronomical phenomenon called dumplings, popularly known as momos. From lip-smacking street food to tummy filling restaurant dishes, this city has it all. Food is definitely one of the many reasons to visit this heaven in the clouds.

Image Credit: canvirries03.blogspot.com

Main Image Credit: onereverie. wordpress.com

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