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8 Things That You Can Expect During Monsoon

May 15, 2015 5:37 PM |

8 Things That You Must Expect During Monsoon

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Monsoon’? What comes to your mind every time someone mentions the onset of monsoon? For some of us, cool and pleasant days define Monsoon. For others, unending traffic jams and mud pools or puddles signify Monsoon. Then there are a few of us who simply don’t know what to make of the Monsoon rains. The season, just like any other, has its own pros and cons.

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Let’s dwell upon things which one can expect during monsoon. We bring you things which are in the offing once the Monsoon season takes its toll.

Intense Cloud Build Up

8 Things That You Must Expect During MonsoonSay goodbye to the clear blue sky and say hello to dark overcast conditions. During monsoon, you may start your day on a ‘sunny’ note but it won’t take the rain Gods too long to crowd you with thick and heavy clouds. You can expect a cloud build up at any given point of time.

Flash Flooding

8 Things That You Must Expect During MonsoonYour streets will be flooded, the roads will be flooded, and those narrow lanes which qualify as ‘short-cuts’ on a fine day, will also be run over by raging waters during monsoon. Either it comes down too strong or the roadside sewage systems experience the traditional ‘nervous breakdown’. No matter what, you can expect flooding during this season.


8 Things That You Must Expect During MonsoonIt’s as if the scene was taken straight out of a movie. You’re standing on your balcony and suddenly a show of thunder and lightning begins. Bright penetrating lights are sketched upon clouds and you stay there looking at the marvel of nature. One must quote Freddie Mercury here, “Thunder and lightning, very very frightening!”

Sudden Downpour

8 Things That You Must Expect During MonsoonWe all go through this at least once every year. Something just happens and we become victims of a sudden downpour. Either you forget your umbrella or you take off your rain coat for a while, and there it is, the fast track rain clouds spot you and target you. Getting drenched in the rain during Monsoon sort of completes the Monsoon experience.

Season to Slip

8 Things That You Must Expect During MonsoonStepping on a banana peel is a popular cliché. But stepping on almost anything and losing your balance is a seasonal cliché which applies to the monsoon season only. A piece of paper gone damp, stunning floors that turn wet, and mud pools and what not cause countless people to slip every year during Monsoon. So don’t blame your luck or the Gods above if you do trip over. It’s perfectly normal during Monsoon.

Rain News Overdose

8 Things That You Must Expect During MonsoonSome circulation, a drifting western disturbance, incessant rain, and strong winds become common words for the media during monsoon. They’ll tell you where it rained; when it rained; how much it rained; and if they have time, they’ll even tell you how many drops of water it rained! Media channels and publications tend to go a little overboard during Monsoon. Unless of course there’s some controversy brewing which is drowning more interests than rain.

A Cosy Bed

8 Things That You Must Expect During MonsoonWho hates sleeping? Nobody. And who cares about the downside of oversleeping? Nobody cares. If you are just like everyone else out there (in terms of sleeping), then be ready to expect a teasing tempting bed during Monsoon. While it rains outside and the weather turns from warm to cool to cold, your bed becomes the most inviting place on earth. It’s best to set your alarm on snooze and wake up just so that you can go back to sleep for a while.


8 Things That You Must Expect During MonsoonThe first shower is always the worst. You go back thinking that the weather will finally cool down and you'll be able to make the most of it. But then, a sensation starts to build and before you know it, you're sneezing your brains out for the next few days. Allergies are common during Monsoon, be it the cold and flu or some eye infection you picked up in the market. So watch out for allergies!

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